Under Counter Safe / Slot Box

Under Counter Safe / Slot Box

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All metal safe undercounter storage for the excess notes in your cash drawer

Price: £39.95 (£47.94 inc. VAT)
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Why risk keeping too much cash in the cash register drawer. Take away temptation by installing this secure storage for excess bank notes. The Slot Box locks into a metal retaining bracket under the counter. A different key removes the cassette from the Slot Box.

  • Protect cash revenues and minimises the amount stored in till drawers.
  • Allow frequent cash lifts and storage of cash and other payment media during peak trading times until store managers are able to safely remove cash from the point-of-sale at the end of day or during quiet times.
  • Can be mounted securely out of sight under the cash desk.
  • Prevent internal and external cash theft.
  • Reduce snatch and grab robbery risk, lessening danger to employees.
  • Due to the design of the slot box, it is fish proof, preventing individuals from pulling out deposited banknotes.
  • Optimises safe cash handling, enabling store managers to transport cash securely from the point-of-sale through to the cash office at a safe and convenient time.Beige slotbox
  • All safes have a high capacity, typically supporting a full days trading.

Available in black or Beige colour

Dimensions of the Slotbox
102mm(W) x 190mm(D) x 226mm(H)

Weight: 2.4kg approx