Aures 3S-300 Cash Drawer

Aures 3S-300 Cash Drawer

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The 3S-300 is ideal for small place applications, the 3S-300 will perfectly suit small EPOS. Available in beige or black, this cash-drawer allows vertical stocking of notes : high capacity in a very small place.

Price: £115.00 (£138.00 inc. VAT)
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Aures 3S-300 Cash-drawer

  • Very practical and compact, this till holds 8 types of coins and 5 types of notes on edge.
  • Very compact, robust, high capacity
  • Sheet steel
  • Insert : 5 notes on edge, 8 coins
  • Power supply : 12 and 24V
  • Locking : key
  • Interface: Star, Citizen, Epson
  • Dimensions: 300 X 445 X 120 mm