Casio QT-6100 Touch Screen

Casio QT-6100 Touch Screen

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The QT-6100 touch screen is a new addition to Casio’s flagship flash ROM touch terminal product line. A supremely versatile touch panel within a sleek compact design offering speed and efficiency in all hospitality and retail environments.

Price: £999.00 (£1,198.80 inc. VAT)

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The QT-6100 is designed for both Hospitality and Retail outlets; such as bars, restaurants and convenience stores that require a quick, accurate operation. It features a 12.1 inch colour LCD touch panel with a bright backlight enclosed in a robust case with a small footprint that fits perfectly into virtually any store.

Advanced networking, for easy installation, shared guest check tracking and shared printer functionality with automatic backup in a sturdy, small foot print design.Orient BTP-2002 Thermal Printer

The high resolution 12” touch screen lends itself to ease of use for various type of hospitality operations.  Customizable keyboard templates can be designed to fit customers needs through graphical bit maps assigned to keys or selecting various key shapes and sizes.  The QT-6100 is equipped with many standard features and functions such as floating guest checks, shared printers, multiple price levels that can be triggered manually through key depression or automatically through the time, day and date sensitive scheduler file. Detailed hourly reporting comparing labour costs to sales.  Communication between terminals is quick and reliable using industry standard Ethernet and CAT 5/6 cabling.  The QT-6100 also offers advanced remote communications using an FTP protocol allowing files to be sent or received automatically by the QT-6100 or remote polling through an Internet connection.

Casio QT-6100 Spotlight on the Casio QT-6100Casio QT-6100 Casio QT-6100 with cash drawer

What you get for £1194.00Additional Rear Display

  • 1 x Casio QT-6100 touch screen terminal
  • 1 x Thermal receipt printer
  • 1 x Casio cash drawer
  • 1 x Magnetic dallas key reader
  • Casio Bar & Restaurant program pre loaded onto terminal
    with your products and prices incorporated
  • Simple Program manual (click here to download)
  • 365 days training and program support package.


Casio QT-6100 Drinks screen

Casio QT-6100 Wine screen


Casio QT-6100 Food screen

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Casio QT-6100 Reports screen

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Casio QT-6100 Program screenCasio QT-6100 Table Plan