Ratiotec Soldi Smart Pro

Ratiotec Soldi Smart Pro

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Automatic professional currency detector For EUR, GBP and CHF Reliable counterfeit recognition in less than one second Illuminated frame with a clear signal result

Price: £85.00 (£102.00 inc. VAT)
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Innovative and discreet – the automatic banknote detector Soldi Smart Pro with counting function. The LED signal frame and the acoustic warning signal deliver a clear result at the POS. Both signals can be disabled for a discrete check.







The ideal solution if you:

  • are looking for a compact solution for the POS
  • want very reliable, fast counterfeit detection
  • attach particular importance to a noticeable and clear visual warning signal
  • want to use additional functions in addition to the test, e.g. counting function, language setting, eco mode, etc.


  • Currency: EUR | GBP | CHF | others optional
  • Also available as USD variant
  • Counterfeit detection: IR | MG | MT | SD
  • 100% reliable testing in less than a second
  • Clear result via LED signal frame and acoustic warning signal
  • Configurable whether a suspicious banknote should be ejected or held at the rear or the front
  • 5 language user menu
  • Especially durable thanks to high quality and outstanding workmanship
  • Can also be used mobile (rechargeable battery optional) 
  • Easy to open and easy to clean