Dibal G Series Scale (15kg)

Dibal G Series Scale (15kg)

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The Dibal G-Series Weighing Scale is a low cost reliable computing scale that weights up to 15kg, includes flat or pole format customer display and has the ability to interface with a range of EPOS solutions.

Price: £199.00 (£238.80 inc. VAT)
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  • Price computing electronic scale. 
  • RS-232 interface: PC upgradeable firmware and communication protocols.
  • Rechargeable internal battery:
    Up to 120 hours of life with completely charged battery and back lighting disconnected (approximate data).
  • Valid for legal metrology.


  • EAN heading programming (according to communication protocol).
  • Tare, fix tare and manual zero.
  • Fix price: to operate several times with the same article.
  • Display of price in a secondary currency.
  • Energy saving via programmable on and off back lighting switching and automatic disconnection.


  • Flat and pole in the same scale:
    An easy to set up pole is included.


  • Structure: 
    ABS plastic casing. 
  • Displays:
    5 digits backlit LCD segments display in vendor and buyer side.
    Shows weight, price/kg and total.
  • Keypad with 32 keys.
  • Stainless steel flat plate.


  • RS-232 interface.
  • Communication protocols available for the main POS and ECR in the market.
  • Mono-protocol models (G-310 and G-310 B): communication protocol can be changed by telecharge from a PC.
  • Multi-protocol models (G-320 and G-320 B): communication protocol is selected in the scale. New protocols can be added from PC by telecharge (maximum: 60 protocols).


  • Mains: 220 VAC with AC/DC 12 V / 500 mA adapter.
  • 6 VDC / 4.5 Ah rechargeable internal battery available (in G-310 B F/P and G-320 B F/P) and connection to external battery.