Sam4S Espresso PC-ECR Utility

Sam4S Espresso PC-ECR Utility

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Sam4s Espresso PC Programing Software for the SAM4S NR500 Series, ER230BEJ, and the ER260BEJ Cash Registers. Simply connect your cash register to your PC and you are ready to go.

Price: £29.99 (£35.99 inc. VAT)
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Sam4s Espresso PC for SAM4S ER230BEJ, ER260BEJ and NR500 Series of Cash Registers.

Take the hassle out of creating new products, updating prices or printing A4 sales reports. Espresso is an to use PC utility which allows upload your cash register program to your PC, make product changes, create new products and then update your cash register.  You can also store historical reports for analysing later, change
your receipt logo to add promotional messages and update your keyboard

Easy to use, navigate and understand

Help Buttons to guide the end user with ease to use the eSpresso utility

Edit multiple PLU’s at one time in PLU programming, by highlighting the PLU’s you want to edit and then changing the options

PLU Stock, you can add, deduct and override stock in stock programming

Graphic Logo, have your graphic logo printing on the receipt. Load your graphic logo into the eSpresso utility and you can edit the brightness and sharpness to increase the logos visuals

Report (new and historical) view your report via the utility or export the reports to excel

Keyboard overlay editing, creating a keyboard layout using different colours, fonts and alignments that you can print off with ease

Favourites list, create a personalised favourites list of your main used sections so you can program faster!

Connected Register List, quickly swap from one cash register to another with the register list located on the left hand side

*Serial Cable Connection      

*Requires Windows Operating System              

Links to the SAM4S ER230BEJ, ER260BEJ & NR-500 Series