8045 Manual Cash Drawer

8045 Manual Cash Drawer

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Glancetron 8045 high quality manual cash drawer for stand-alone applications. For operation without POS or receipt printers. Robust black steel design with stainless steel front. High security 3 step lock.

Price: £95.00 (£114.00 inc. VAT)
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Glancetron 8045 Manual Cash Drawer

The Glancetron 8045 is a cash drawer for manual operation. It offers high functionality and a long service life at a very affordable price. It is suitable for all applications that do not provide automatic opening of drawers. It is opened like a normal drawer by a gentle push against the front. The drawer locks into place in the same manner when closing it. Naturally, the drawer is equipped with a 2-step lock so that it also can be left unattended. This makes the drawer the ideal choice for hotels, medical practices, sales stands and many other applications.

This manual model is also equipped with a soft-opening mechanism that opens and closes the drawer extremely smoothly. Ball bearing steel rails ensure that the drawer still runs smoothly even after being opened hundreds of thousands of times. A form factor of 420 x 420 x 91 mm allows for even distribution of five horizontal banknote compartments, one cheque compartment, and nine coin compartments that can be adjusted freely. Compartments and separators for coins and notes can be removed individually from the drawer. The cash drawer is available in black with a scratch-resistant stainless steel front.

Available Accessories

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