Euro-50 Mini Portable Cash register | Till

Euro-50 Mini Portable Cash register | Till

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The Elcom Euro-50i TE Mini is one of the smallest cash registers around. Thanks to the built in re-chargeable battery it provides many features to bisiness enviroments without access to electricity.

Price: £219.00 (£262.80 inc. VAT)

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 Elcom Euro-50 Mini

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Main FeaturesEuro 50 Mini hand held till

  • A modern and timeless design
  • Fully portable battery powered till
  • Ergonomic shape for comfortable handling and use
  • High quality silicone keyboard with large keys
  • Two-lined operator display, single lined customer displayEuro 50 Mini Potable till
  • Replaceable battery that can last up-to 12 hours
  • 2000 PLU's (price look up's)
  • Shock resistant
  • Reliable quiet and fast thermal printer