Casio SES3000|Cash Register|Till

Casio SES3000|Cash Register|Till

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The Casio SE-S3000 retail cash register.With it's dual thermal printers, large 10 line LCD and mutiple functions the SES 3000 will be a excellent choice for your retail business

Price: £229.00 (£274.80 inc. VAT)

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The New Casio SE-S3000  Cash Register


Ideal for any shop: stylish, modern design
Whether in small boutiques or cafés, bars or snack bars: The SE-S3000 offers innovative functions and blends perfectly into modern business settings in the retail and gastronomy sectors thanks to its stylish design.

The complete picture: Large, functional 10-line LCD display
10-line display for maximum efficiency and readability during the payment transaction and when programming. The display has a swivel mechanism for setting the viewing angle. Backlighting provides good contrast, even in dark environments.

Extra flexibility: up to 7000 products/PLUs
The cash register with stroke keys features up to 7000 products/PLUs and up to 2x30 commodity groups that can be accessed directly, meaning it can be used in a number of establishments such as retail stores, cafés, restaurants and many more. Registration with a scanner is also faster and avoids potential errors associated with manual entry.

Quiet and fast: The dual-station printer
A quiet and fast thermal printer is ideal in low-noise environments and ensures that working with the cash register is pleasant. Practical: The dual-station printer enables the receipt roll to be printed for your customers' purchases and a journal tape to be printed so you can monitor and analyse registrations and sales. With a 58-mm receipt roll, the printer meets the demands of even the busiest businesses while offering impressive print speed and outstanding quality. The "drop-in" paper loading system makes changing the paper roll quick and easy. You can also design your own receipt roll with a graphics logo from one of the pre-installed logos.

Intelligent and secure: Set up with a PC and save on the SD card
With the optional CASIO PC software, setting up the cash register is easy. Use the SD card to transfer data to the cash register. You can also save the sales data from your cash register to an SD card. Check the data that is saved in CSV format on your computer. A journal export is also available.

Clear at all times: Adjustable customer display
An alphanumeric and adjustable customer display provides excellent legibility for customers. This creates customer confidence in error-free registration.

Calculating made easy: Calculator function
A simple calculator function for quick calculations. The calculator functions are display only.

Well informed: Print out operating instructions
Print out information and instructions that explain how to set the date and time, how to print out selected reports, 
or provide further information on error messages.


Technical Specifications

  • Model: SE-S3000
  • Body colour: Silver/black
  • Keyboard type: Stroke keys
  • Display
    LCD with backlighting/10 lines each with 26 characters/adjustable tilt angle
    Customer: LCD with backlighting/2 lines each with 20 characters (10 digit amounts)/can be extended and rotated
  • Printer
    Printer type: Thermodrucker
    Speed: Max. 14 lines/second
    Roll dimension: 58 mm 0/-1 mm × ø 80 mm
  • Number of products/PLUs: 7000
  • Money drawer type: MB (large)
  • Memory protection: 2 x AA batteries (optional)/protection: approx. 1 year (at 25ºC)/The batteries should be replaced once a year
  • Number of interfaces: 2 x RS-232C
  • Power supply: 100 V ∼ 240 V
  • Power consumption: AC 220 V ∼ 240 V 0,26A / 110 V ∼ 0,4A
  • Temperature: 0 °C to 40 °C
  • Humidity: 10% to 90% RH
  • Measurements and weight: 400 x 450 x 220 mm with drawer 10 kg