Sam4s ER-180US Cash Register|Till

Sam4s ER-180US Cash Register|Till

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The Sam4s ER-180us cash register is small but big on Performance. Simple and Compact Design Low-End ECR with programmable thermal receipt printer and programmable department names. The er180 is created for small retail and hospitality markets.

Price: £145.00 (£174.00 inc. VAT)

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Download the Sam4s ER-180us Colour Brochure Adobe Logo  l.p.

Sam4s ER-180US  Electronic Cash Register

Perfect Solution
High on performance, Low on cost. User Friendly Operation for Secure Cash Management.
Comprehensive Finanical and Sales Analysis. Operator Functions including Calculator mode.

Main Features of the Sam4s ER180US ECR

  • Sleek design finished in black
  • User friendly operation
  • Thermal printer with receipt or journal print
  • Large easy to see LCD display's for operator and customer
  • 500 PLU's (Price Look-Ups)
  • 5 Position Mode Switch
  • 5 Sales Departments, up-gradeable to 10
  • Tax Calculation
  • Receipt on/off Functions with receipt on demand
  • Financial, PLU Reporting
  • Calculator mode
  • 10 Clerks
  • 4 Coin and 3 Notes Lockable Cash Drawer

Five Department 
The SAM4S ER-180US features 5 departments and is designed for ease of operation and point of purchase control in retail applications Departments may be programmed 'Single Item' department for fast registration of single item sales.

Clerk Sign On Feature
The SAM4S ER180US cash register is the only cash register in this price bracket that monitors sales of up to 10 operators.

Financial Reports 
The SAM4S ER-180US gives you a thorough review of your business with a complete analysis of your department sales, function totals and actual drawer totals to help you protect your valuable profits. 

Optional Receipt/Journal 
Operator choose either to have a printed custom receipt or a journal tape. Single Station Printer can be programmed for either customer receipt or retain transaction record on audit roll. The "Receipt On Demand" feature allows the operator to turn the receipt printer off, but issue a receipt as requested.  This feature is designed to save paper and to reduce litter in your store.

W-325 x D-420 x H-200mm